Half Day Bicycle Tour Hanoi Ba Tam Temple Festival

Ba Tam Temple Festival is held from the 19th to the 22nd day of the second lunar month and the 25th day of the seventh lunar month. The main festival day is on the 19th day of the second lunar month. The festival is held in large-scale every 5-year, in Duong Da Hamlet, Duong Xa Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

The festival is organized to honor the Imperial concubine Y Lan.

Joining the Ba Tam festival, you have the chance to discover different Vietnamese traditional games and activities. The festival involves water procession, worshipping ceremony, incense offerings. The offerings are only vegetarian food. Especially, there is custom of raising the flag of the canton in order to dispel dull cloud to make clear sky. Games include human chess playing, cock fighting, wrestling, cheo, tuong singing.

We at Lotussia Travel offer a half day cycling tour to Ba Tam Festival. The group tour is only arranged once a year, on the day of festival. But the private tour is always available, offering you the chance to discover the area (without the festival).

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