Cycling Hanoi with Kids

Cycling with Kids Hanoi

Have you the idea of cycling Hanoi with kids? That is absolutely possible at Based on your departure date, in summer or winter you can have an itinerary for your family.

At Lotussia Travel we run a couple of bike tours are suitable for family travel or touring with kids. These day tours include about 1 – 2 hours cycling on flat, paved roads that might be appropriate for both parents and the children aged 8 – 12 years. For kids are under 8, we recommend you taking the kids on the back seats of the bikes.

Cycling Hanoi to Bat Trang
Cycling Hanoi to Bat Trang

The first option you should consider is the day trip to Bat Trang ceramic village. You are picked up at your hotel in Hanoi and brought to our bike garage where you start cycling on the back roads. You pedal through vegetable gardens, local hamlets and temples for about two hours with possible breaks en route. You have lunch, visit local ceramic workshop and then take the car to get back to your hotel . The highlight of the tour is the Bat Trang ceramic village where your children have the opportunity to learn how to make a pottery, to try to make some by their own.

Cycling Hanoi to Tam Coc
Cycling Hanoi to Tam Coc

The second option is the day tour to Tam Coc or “Halong bay in-land”. The highlight of the tour is the beautiful landscapes of the karst formations, rice paddies, the rowing-boat trip. The only inconvenience is the long drive from Hanoi to Tam Coc. This takes about two hours and a half per way. You have about one hour and a half for the bike ride. You also pedal on paved, flat roads. We use local push bikes for this option.

Cycling Hanoi to Duong Lam
Cycling Hanoi to Duong Lam

The third option you may also consider is the day tour to the Duong Lam ancient village. The ancient village has a history of about 1,200 years with many houses dating back up to 400 years. One special thing about the village is that most of the buildings here are made of laterite and mud, two materials that are abundant in the area. It takes about one hour and a half by car from Hanoi to the village (one way). There you have the opportunity to visit an ancient village and to experience the real life of the local farmers. There are also about two hours cycling on village lanes. We also use local push bikes for this option.

Do you have any other idea? Just let us know. We will see how we can customize a tour for your family.

Where to cycle in Hanoi

Cycling is one of the best way to discover the Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. The city includes many cultural heritages and tourist attractions such as the Ho Chi Minh complex which consists Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, Ba Dinh square, Presidential Palace, Uncle Ho’s House on stilt, One pillar pagoda and Ho Chi Minh Museum.

Hanoi city tour by bicycle

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

In his will, the President stated his wish to be cremated, and to have his ash buried on the hills of the North, the Center, and the South of Vietnam. Yet, in honor of his huge dedication for the country and for the love of all Vietnamese for him, the successor Communist Government decided to keep his body so that he can see the whole country’s reunion, and the following generations can come and visit him. Accordingly, on September 2nd, 1973, his mausoleum started to be built in Ba Dinh Square, where he read the Independence Declaration on September 2nd, 1945, and was completed on August 22nd, 1975, with the Soviet Union’s help.

The Mausoleum, which was made of marble and granite, features a three-stored structure. In the second store places the famous President’s body, lying as if he were sleeping in the simple clothes worn when he was alive. Outside, visitors can see his popular quote “Khong co gi quy hon doc lap tu do” (translated as “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom”) on the top face of the mausoleum. In front of the mausoleum is the 79 cycad trees, symbolizing Uncle Ho’s 79 springs of life.

Temple of Litterature.

Continue your bike tour with a visit to the Temple of literature, located on Van Mieu Street, 2km west of Hoan Kiem Lake. Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is a famous historical and cultural relic consisting of the Temple of Literature and Vietnam is first university. The Temple of Literature was built in 1070 in honour of Confucius, his followers and Chu Van An, a moral figure in Vietnamese education.

Quoc Tu Giam, or Vietnam’s first university, was built in 1076. Throughout its hundreds of years of activity in the feudal, thousands of Vietnamese scholars graduated from this university.

Ethnology Museum.

You then follow the Nguyen Thai Hoc street, cycling through Kim Ma, Ngoc Khanh before arriving in Nguyen Khanh Toan street where you make another stop for visiting the ethnology museum. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi offers an insight into the 54 different ethnic groups of Vietnam in an effort to preserve cultural heritage and promote socio-cultural diversity within the country.

The museum is packed full of information detailing traditional Vietnamese ways of life, from religious events to the symbolic rituals of all the Vietnamese ethnic groups, providing a rich tapestry of the culture melting pot existing in Vietnam. The exhibition hall features everyday objects representing each group, a research centre, library and auditorium.

The outdoor display area exhibits a variety of Vietnamese homes as full-scale replicas, with great attention paid to the varying architectural styles set within the authentic and tranquil gardens. In addition, there are also leisure pursuits on display including traditional water puppet theatre and calligraphy. The future aim of the museum is to also showcase the many cultural practices and civilisations across Southeast Asia.

Of course there are other travel highlights in Hanoi which can be included or taken out from your itinerary. Just let your Lotussia Travel consultant know what you are interest in the most, he or she will draft an itinerary for you.

Hanoi Bicycle Tours

Lotussia Travel is a Hanoi based tour operator offering a wide selection of bicycle tours in and around Hanoi. These bicycle tours can be divided into two categories as follows.

Hanoi Easy Bicycle Tours.

The easy bicycle tours are the tours which include only about two or three hour cycling. You mostly cycle on flat, paved roads in countryside area or rural villages. Sample itinerary of this category are the day trip to Duong Lam ancient village, the day tour to Hoa Lu and Tam Coc, the overnight trip to Kenh Ga village and Tam Coc.

We use private vehicle with driver for transfers, from Hanoi to the site where you enjoy the bike ride. The type of car is up to group size. We use a 4-seater car for a party of one of two people, 16-seater minibus for a party of 3 – 6 people. If the group size is bigger, we will use either 30-seater bus or 45-seater bus.

The bikes we use are classic push bikes (one speed) and are only available in the field. It is possible for you to cycle as long as you like around this place before being picked up again by your vehicle and transferred back to Hanoi.

If you look just some easy and fun ride, these bicycle tours are for you.

Hanoi Active Bicycle Tours.


Most of our active bicycle tours are arranged out of Hanoi. We use a support vehicle taking you, along with our bikes from Hanoi to the destination. As the bikes are taken from Hanoi and carried by the support vehicle, you can stop and cycle whenever you like, even before you arrive in your travel destination.

Sample itineraries of this category are the day tour to But Thap pagoda, the day trip to Bat Trang village, the day tour to Tram Giang and Thay pagoda, the day trip to Co Loa and rural Hanoi…

Booking this option, you will have the opportunity to cycle for about 4 – 6 hours per day on flat, paved roads in countryside area or rural villages. The bikes we use are trek bikes or giant bikes (24 speed drive train). These imported bikes are of good quality making your trip as safe as possible.

If you look for active bicycle tours but you don’t have much time to spend on biking, then these day trips and overnight excursion are for you.

For more information either mail to travel at or visit

Hanoi cycling trip

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam offers a wide selection of both day cycling trips and short cycling excursions. The most popular Hanoi cycling trips are the half-day and one-day trips are arranged in Hanoi city and its surrounding countryside area.

The guests will be picked up at their hotel lobby in Hanoi and transferred to the place where they begin the ride. After the trip, they will be transferred back to their hotel where the trip ends. It is possible for the guests to start the ride from their hotel. If they start pedaling from their hotel in Hanoi city center, they should be familiar with bicycle riding in the city. Since the traffic in Hanoi is very busy, especially during the rush hour. Sites to be included in the day trip are the Ho Chi Minh complex, the temple of literature, the Tran Quoc pagoda and the ethnic museum.

For those who travel with their children, booking a Hanoi countryside cycle trip may be a better choice. A vehicle will be used for transfers and support. The bicycle ride will be only arranged in the area where the traffic is safe. The most popular Hanoi countryside cycle trips are one day cycle to But Thap pagoda and Dong Ho village, a day trip to Duong Lam ancient village, a day trip to Tay Phuong and Thay pagoda. The day trip to Tam Coc or “Halong bay inland” is also provided with two or three hour riding through countryside villages.

The bikes that will be used for these trips are classic road bike, push bikes and mountain bikes. If you just look for fun and easy cycle, then one or two hour cycling will be fine. In this case the one speed push bikes will be recommended. If you look for more active bike trips, then you should ask for a good mountain bikes. The riding will be longer and the local trip guide will take you to more places while riding.