April 4, 2016

Why Us

Active travelers

We know that you are very active travelers. You will not only enjoy cycling with us, but you will learn much about Vietnamese culture and traditions. Walking, kayaking, staying at local home, eating local food…are other activities you will be able to engage when you book at tour at Lotussia Travel.

Real adventure

Our giant collection of bike tours are tailor-made to fit those who prefer slower paced experiences, as well as those are actively seeking out adventure that may push themselves to their physical limits as a form of self-discovery. Every trips have been created in a controlled environment, ensuring that you can experience new adventures while being safe. Our adaptable guides will inform you about the sort of “rugged” adventure you would be going on.

Authentic local experience

Are you seeking an authentic experience whilst travelling? At Lotussia Travel we craft itineraries that might fit people who do not want to be “hoarded off” onto another tour bus or brought to another tourist joint for a meal. Instead, they go where the locals go, immersing themselves fully to experience and learn about a new culture.

Experienced tour guides

The quality of your guide can make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one. Our guides possess a wealth of knowledge and passion for their work. They are fun, informative and adaptable. They share real experiences of their own lives, their families, influences and beliefs that provide a deeper understanding of the local culture and people. Many lasting friendships have been formed between our travelers and local guides. They are an integral part of the Lotussia Travel experience.

Learn new things

Are you seeking out educational and cultural experiences? Our packages are designed for those who seek out “serious leisure”, may it be in cultivating a hobby or joining a volunteering organisation to enhance their lives.

Tailor-made trips

The joy of tailor-made travel is that your entire holiday is designed around your requirements basing on your personal needs and budget, so you are not tied to the set itinerary of a group. This allows you to explore your own interests, your own plan and select your own style of accommodation, with our Specialists’ knowledge always at your disposal.

Smaller group size

Smaller group sizes mean more personalized services. We have limited our group size to a maximum of six guests, unless you requests more for your owned group. Six people just fit a 15 seat minibus. The group is smaller, you will receive more individual attention throughout the trip and, when sightseeing, you will be closer to your local tour guide for more in-depth experience. The tour guide will able to take care much better of you.