Touring Bikes

Unlike higher performance road bikes and mountain bikes, touring bikes have eyelets for attaching racks. They also have the gearing and stable handling required to transport heavy loads. These bikes are also a good choice for those who don’t need the carrying capacity, but who do need low gears for hilly terrain. Pro: Low gearing,[…]

Hybrid Bikes

Like its name, the Hybrid is a combination of features from both mountain and road bikes. The wheels are not as sturdy on trails as those of a mountain bike, nor are they as thin and fast as those of a road bike on paved surfaces. But hybrid wheels are versatile enough that you could[…]

Hanoi Mountain Bike

Hanoi mountain bike is our guide about choosing a bicycle for mountain biking and bicycle touring around Hanoi, Vietnam. Built with strong components that can absorb rough riding, mountain bikes are designed for off-road use. They have high-performing brakes, suspension, fat tires and comfortable seats. It is advisable to switch the “fat tires” for thinner[…]