Biking Hanoi February

The temperature increases a little bit compared to January. The weather becomes a little warmer with its average temperature from 14-21 Celcius degree in a day and drizzling rain and mist occur more often, especially in the morning.

February may not be the best month for cycling in Hanoi. But this outdoor activity is still available and can be arranged in advance. If you arrive in Hanoi during this period, you will have the opportunity to join in lots of local Festivals and celebrations since the TET usually comes this month. If you arrive in Hanoi about one week before Tet, you will enjoy bustling climate here, when people are in a hurry to prepare for Tet; and witness the beauty of thousand species of flowers and tree in flower markets around the city.

Lotussia Travel arranges both short long bicycle tours in and around Hanoi. Therefore, most of our biking tours will finish before the TET or commence about one week before the festival. Vietnamese people will have four day off for the TET. During these 4 days, many shops, tourist sites, restaurant will be closed.

If you would like to have just a short cycling experience in Hanoi, it is possible for you to rent an one-speed push bikes in many bicycle shops in Hanoi. These bikes are not very strong. You should you these bike for cycling in Hanoi city center only.

For longer cycling tours that are arranged outside Hanoi, we recommend high quality trek bikes and support vehicle. If the group is big, then a technical is necessary.

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