Cycling with Kids Hanoi

Cycling Hanoi with Kids

Have you the idea of cycling Hanoi with kids? That is absolutely possible at Based on your departure date, in summer or winter you can have an itinerary for your family. At Lotussia Travel we run a couple of bike tours are suitable for family travel or touring with kids. These day tours include about[…]

Cycling around West Lake in Hanoi

Cycling around West Lake in Hanoi – Summer is coming and it is now the best time to get away from the madness of Old Quarter and cycle round the 17km shoreline of what must be one of the largest lakes to be found in a city centre. As well as escaping the busy streets[…]

Where to cycle in Hanoi

Cycling is one of the best way to discover the Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. The city includes many cultural heritages and tourist attractions such as the Ho Chi Minh complex which consists Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, Ba Dinh square, Presidential Palace, Uncle Ho’s House on stilt, One pillar pagoda and Ho Chi Minh Museum. Ho Chi[…]

Hanoi bicycle hire

If you look for a bicycle hire service in Hanoi, then you have just found the right place. Lotussia Travel is a Hanoi based tour operator offering both bicycle tours and bike hire service. We have all bicycles for your travel needs including mountain bicycles for mountain biking, road bicycles, classic push-bikes for easy bicycle[…]

Hanoi bicycle shops

Bicycles are no longer the most important mean of transport of Hanoian people. Now it is the time of scooters and motorcycles. People go to work by motorbike. They go on holidays by motorbike as well. Therefore, it is still easy for you to find a bicycle shop in Hanoi. Most of the Vietnam bicycle[…]

Hanoi bicycle repair

Every street corner has a bicycle repair man who’ll fix your punctures, pump your tyres and do repairs. But for mountain biking, that is more complicated. The mountain bikes which are used on the tour are imported sport bikes. All the bike gears are imported and can be replaced with those are made in Vietnam.[…]

Hanoi bicycle rental

Hanoi bicycle rental – If you look for a bicycle rental service in Hanoi, then you have just found the right place. Lotussia Travel offers a wide array of bicycles for you to rent. We have different bicycles for your all your travel needs including mountain bikes for mountain biking travel, road bicycles for easy[…]