April 1, 2016

Visit Hanoi in November

Are you planning to visit Hanoi in November? This is one of the best month for cycling in Hanoi. The weather gets better in early November.

The average temperature keeps falling down between 19 and 24 Degree Celsius in a day. Rainy days become rare with only 5 days and 46 mm of precipitation in the whole month. However, be careful with those rainy days become the weather could be extremely cold in rain due to the effect of monsoon. So, having a thin coat would be useful in some situations.

October November December
Average High 28 C degree 24 C degree 22 C degree
Average Low 23 C degree 19 C degree 15 C degree
Humidity 69% 68% 67%
Precipitation 146 mm 46 mm 14 mm
Number of wet days 14 days 5 days 2 days

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